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Financial Planning Glossary
Financial Planning Glossary

Useful terms to help you make sense of Financial Planning

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Accounting CloseWhat does Accounting Close mean?
Accounts PayableWhat does Accounts Payable mean?
Accounts ReceivableWhat does Accounts Receivable mean?
Accrual Basis AccountingWhat does Accrual Basis Accounting mean?
Cash AccountingWhat does Cash Accounting mean?
Churn or Customer churnWhat does Customer Churn mean?
AmortisationWhat does Amortisation mean?
ARR - Annual Recurring RevenueWhat does ARR mean?
CPM - Cost per 1000 viewsWhat does CPM mean?
EnterpriseWhat does Enterprise mean?
FP&A - Financial planning and analysisWhat does FP&A mean?
AssetsWhat are Assets?
Balance SheetWhat is a Balance Sheet?
BANT - Budget, Authority, Need, and TimelineWhat does BANT mean?
LiquidityWhat does Liquidity mean?
BOFU - Bottom of the FunnelWhat does BOFU mean?
Break-Even AnalysisWhat does Break-Even Analysis mean?
CAC - Customer Acquisition CostWhat does CAC mean?
Capital GainWhat does Capital Gain mean?
Capitalisation RatioWhat does Capitalisation Ratio mean?
Cash FlowWhat does Cash Flow mean?
Cash Flow StatementWhat is a Cash Flow Statement?
COGS - Cost of Goods SoldWhat does Cost of Good Sold mean?
Compound InterestWhat does Compound Interest mean?
Connected PlanningWhat does Connected Planning mean?
CPC - Cost per clickWhat does CPC mean?
CPL - Cost per LeadWhat does CPL mean?
DepreciationWhat does Depreciation mean?
EBITDAWhat does EBITDA mean?
EquityWhat does Equity mean?
Gross ProfitWhat does Gross Profit mean?
ICP - Ideal Customer ProfileWhat does ICP mean?
Income StatementWhat is an Income Statement?
KPI - Key Performance IndicatorWhat does KPI mean?
LiabilitiesWhat are Liabilities?
LTV - Lifetime ValueWhat does LTV mean?
Margin or Profit MarginWhat does Profit Margin mean?
Market CapitalisationWhat does Market Capitalisation mean?
Mid-marketWhat does Mid-market mean?
MOFU - Middle of the FunnelWhat does MOFU mean?
MQL - Marketing Qualified LeadWhat does MQL mean?
MRR - Monthly Recurring RevenueWhat does MRR mean?
Net ProfitWhat does Net Profit mean?
NRR - Net Revenue RetentionWhat does Net Revenue Retention mean?
OKR - Objectives and Key ResultsWhat does OKR mean?
Operating Cash Flow (OCF)What does Operating Cash Flow (OCF) mean?
Profit MarginWhat does Profit Margin mean?
Required Rate Of Return (RRR)What does Required Rate Of Return mean?
ROI - Return on InvestmentWhat does ROI mean?
SAM - Serviceable Addressable MarketWhat does SAM mean?
Scenario PlanningWhat does Scenario Planning mean?
Sensitivity AnalysisWhat does Sensitivity Analysis mean?
SMB or SME - Small and Medium Business or Small and Medium EnterpriseWhat does SMB or SME mean?
SOM - Serviceable Obtainable MarketWhat does SOM mean?
SQL - Sales Qualified LeadWhat does SQL mean?
TAM - Total Addressable MarketWhat does TAM mean?
TOFU - Top of the FunnelWhat does TOFU mean?
What-If AnalysisWhat does What-If Analysis mean?
Working CapitalWhat does Working Capital mean?